At some point, every parent faces this resistance. We had it this week with one of our boys. He’s having a tough time because his normal group of friends have stopped playing with him. He’s in the playground reading by himself.

The first feeling this created for me was sadness…

Rising COVID in Europe, UK lockdown that looks set to last and the US attempted coup. Stressful times that will sap your patience, suck you into social media, make you stay up later than is good, sleep worse, and take your attention away from your children. That’s what’s happened to…

Bar breathing, very few things come naturally, without effort. Our children teach us that. We get to see up close that everything needs to be learned — to roll over, eat, walk, talk — everything.

It’s a steady structural construction. We learn how to pull ourselves up before we can…

David Willans

Working out how to be the best dad I can be at | @Being_Dads.

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